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„I am sad all the time, sometimes even desperate.  I am not interested in anything and even everyday trifles are bothering me. I feel worthless…“

People who suffer from different kinds of depression are going through many noticeable stages; they feel exhausted, their appetite and sleeping patterns alter, and it is difficult to maintain their concentration levels and efficiency when performing tasks. This condition typically lasts for a longer time and is not to be confused with ordinary sadness or bad mood.

Depression can develop as a result of an experienced trauma, long-lasting stress or, more often than not, it seemingly has no particular cause.

It is typical for people suffering from depression to attribute this condition to their own failures, weaknesses or their laziness. They can find it difficult to describe their inner suffering and often find themselves in a hopeless situation. They are afraid, ashamed or they simply do not have the strength to seek professional help.

It is a shame because mood disorders can be effectively treated by a different types of treatment such as goal-oriented therapy. For more serious manifestations of the condition, psychotherapy can be supported with pharmacotherapy which helps our clients to considerably improve.

In the framework of individual psychotherapy, we mainly use the cognitive-behavioural method, daseinanalytic method, Gestalt psychotherapy and the methods of strategic and systemic psychotherapy to cooperate with our clients.

One psychotherapeutic session lasts 50 minutes and it takes place in the comfortable and safe environment of a therapeutic room.

What is discussed during the consultation is completely confidential and we do not report any information in your medical records.