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First meeting

Anyone who is in need of help should overcome any hesitations and call our line. You do not have to worry; you will either speak with a psychologist or a crisis intervention specialist. If you find it difficult to give us a call, send us your message and we will call back. You do not have to go through this alone!

The treatment in our center begins with an initial nonbinding assessment and diagnostic consultation. During this meeting, an experienced psychologist will conduct a diagnostic interview with you and, if necessary, administer diagnostic tests in order to determine the severity of the problem and recommend further treatment. You will then determine the therapeutic plan together with your therapist.

What is the importance of creating a therapeutic plan?

In order for psychotherapy not to be merely a conversation, we recommend that you plan a therapeutic plan at the outset. The therapeutic plan should include the approximate duration of the therapeutic intervention, the type of psychotherapy that is most fitting, and a recommendation of a particular therapist from AdiCare Center, who will not only have the necessary expertise to help you in your problem, but will also suit your needs as much as possible. If necessary, the plan may further include a psychiatric examination, appropriate medication, a revision of existing medication, or an examination by an addictologist or internist.

A diagnostic consultation can also be provided as a one-off counseling session for partners and relatives.

Get in touch with us today and order a nonbinding assessment consultation. You can reach us at: +420 739 375 763