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Burnout syndrome

„I sleep poorly, I feel tired, lost and unsure. Things that I used to enjoy are now making me feel exhausted…“

Stress and constant pressure to perform well at work or at home, fear of failure, and feelings of inability to meet the demands of the environment – these are some of the factors that lead many powerful and capable people to suddenly feel weak, frustrated and completely exhausted. More than the daily stress we feel from work, burnout syndrome, which falls under the category of the so-called anxiety disorders, can have serious consequences to both our physical and mental health.

For this reason, symptoms of burnout syndrome should certainly not be overlooked. Anxiety can become worse if left untreated; thoughts and behaviors that fuel anxiety become more intense and the psychological energy sources an individual was once using start to deplete, making it almost impossible for the affected person to free himself from this negative emotional state and imperative to get professional help at the earliest.

Most people believe that burnout syndrome only affects managers, rescuers, and workers of other stressful professions. Modern research has shown that the primary causes of this anxiety disorder are the pressure to over-perform and fear of failure. This pressure does not necessarily have to come from outside forces; instead it might be caused through an individual’s own exaggerated demands on one’s self and through an unhealthy model of self-concept and self-perception. Self-esteem and self-worth is gained through successfully carrying out activities in a variety of areas.

It is no coincidence that the results of the latest studies on anxiety disorders and burnout syndrome have shown that there is a large number of patients suffering from burnout syndrome ranging from mothers on maternity leave, housewives and even students in recent decades.

Other Symptoms of Burnout Syndrome:

The long-lasting internal stress that people with burnout syndrome are exposed to poses problems at the physical and behavioral level. The most common accompanying symptom is that of a severe sleep disorder. Most of the affected individuals usually suffer from insomnia, with a smaller percentage of them having a noticeably increased need for sleep, which does not bring about the desired restoration.

Burnout Syndrome is also often accompanied by various psychosomatic symptoms such as headaches, backache, digestive problems and so on.

Many people who are suffering from Burnout Syndrome and who are looking for relief from these unpleasant conditions often turn to alcohol, hypnotics (sleeping medications), or other addictive substances, for comfort.  However, addictive substances only provide a short-term relief, whereas the symptoms of anxiety dramatically worsen over time. In some circumstances, this could lead to addiction.

We have a high success rate in the treatment of burnout syndrome. We provide a combination of individual psychotherapy and relaxation therapy, which can be further coupled with an intense, short-term coaching to produce more favorable outcomes.

Do not let your symptoms become worse, call us and we will arrange the date of our first meeting.