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Medical check

“Addictive substances not only hurt our mental health, but also our physical health”

Our mental and physical health interact with each other and are closely intertwined. If we decide to make a long-term change in our lifestyle, it is wise to work both on the addiction and its psychological causes, and in the improvement of our physical condition. A health state examination and identification of possible problems caused by substance abuse is very important and contributes to the overall recovery process.

Many individuals do not want to admit their problem to their General Practitioner because they do not want the diagnosis of addiction or other mental disorders to be recorded on their medical records.

At our Center we offer a completely confidential examination, and if necessary, we propose further therapeutic measures and secure follow-up professional care.

The basic examination to determine the existence of any health problems related to the consumption of an addictive substance contains:

  • Medical history
  • Physical state examination
  • Blood count including differential
  • Values: Na, K, Cl, glycemia
  • Bilirubin total
  • Bilirubin conjugated
  • Urea: creatinine, osmolarity, uric acid
  • Pancreatic amylase
  • Hepatitis B, C