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Sleep disorder

„I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a long time. I toss and turn throughout the whole night and in the morning I feel exhausted, frustrated and without the slightest motivation to go about my daily duties and routines…“

Sleep disorders such as insomnia or hyposomnia are manifested by a number of symptoms. These commonly include difficulty falling or staying asleep, intermittent sleeping, early awakening, daytime fatigue, night terrors and many more.

Some sleep disorders have a physiological cause such as sleep apnea which is caused by a reduction of the muscle tone in the pharyngeal region. Most sleep disorders, however, have a psychological cause and they act as an accompanying symptom to anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, or stress and irritability.

Lack of sleep impact

Lack of sleep exhausts the body both physically and mentally and as such the affected individual gets into a vicious cycle. A major problem for people suffering from a sleep disorder is their risk of being addicted to hypnotics (sleeping pills), alcohol and other addictive substances.

Hypnotics containing the active ingredient zolpidem should only be used in isolated circumstances and for a limited period of time. The long-term use and combination of hypnotics with alcohol can have dramatic consequences such as addiction to sleeping pills.


When suffering from insomnia or hyposomnia it is important to address the cause of the difficulties and not their consequences. To effectively treat sleep disorders of a non-physiological origin, psychotherapy together with relaxation therapy is recommended. Many of our clients have also found relief from depression, anxiety, addiction and other emotional difficulties through hypnotherapy which is an adjunct form of therapy and is used to help with a variety of difficulties, such as coping with stress and breaking bad habits. If you are interested for more information call us and order an independent assessment and consultation. We will be happy to provide answers to your questions.