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Abstinence programs

„Why is it so difficult to abstain from drinking altogether?“

Every addictive behavior has its causes, which are called “triggers”. Many of these triggers are unconscious and cannot be identified without help. Unless these triggers are thoroughly analyzed and identified, abstinence can often become a “ticking bomb”. After a certain period, the addict will return to his original consumption habits. Unfortunately, several study results show that alcohol consumption further increases after a failed attempt to abstain.

Maintaining abstinence does not only mean eliminating alcohol from your life. For a long-term maintenance it is essential that the client, with the support of the therapist, learns how to deal with anxiety, stress or depression, and finds new ways to lead a meaningful life without the addictive substance.

 “Our goal is for the client to not become a dissatisfied, unhappy abstainer leading an empty life; this kind of abstinence represents the greatest risk for an early relapse… “

We offer individual and group abstinence programs:
  • For clients who are determined to abstain
  • For clients who are not indicated for a controlled consumption program
  • For clients who were admitted in inpatient programs

We are glad to provide you with professional support during your fight! We offer our clients three-month support programs that can be supplemented by pharmacotherapy and relaxation therapy if necessary.

Contact us and book an independent appointment. We will be happy to explain all the details.